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Sanam Hasher

I would really like my little brother to get this opportunity to train under the best , I am sorry but i don’t know much about football but I do know that my husband and my entire family ( I have 5 brothers ) are crazy about Manchester United and I can go on and on about the team :D , I would really wish for my younger brother to get a chance to train because he is the best we have in Kuwait and I am not sayin this because he is my brother, I actually didn’t even know he plays soo well and I used to tease him when he kept all the diet and while he stayed off sugar and sweets and fast food- waking up at 4 and training himself , football and gym , I mean he is only 16 years old but he acts like a professional player , and we have been pushing our parents to send him somewhere in the UK considering how serious he is ! His name is Aftaab kallan and trust me when I say this he is the “Best “ in Kuwait and If he gets a chance to get trained by the very best I am sure he will reach heights Our house is filled with trophies and those golden boots which my little baby finds amusing and thinks it’s a play toy It’s a humble request for you to consider my brother Aftaab for this and I hope he becomes one of the 3 winners ! I hope and pray that all of my luck in this universe (considering I’m pretty lucky ) gets him this

Sara Halaweh

Ragheb is very passionate about football and would really love to be trained by such an inspiring team. He regularly watches football matches and plays football every week. I really wish that you would be the ones behind him achieving his dream.

Welly D'sousa

Football is a passion that Zach holds dear to his heart.Big United fan,loves Marcus Rashford. It would be a great opportunity to train the Red Devil way.

Meike El Sayed

My son Monim is 6 years old and football is his life. He is playing since 2 years with his team and he won already the “most valuable player of the season U6” as well was appointed Captain of his team when they won the U6 league. He stands up in the morning playing football and goes on as soon as he is back from school. Football is his dream and it would be great if he could meet and train with his idols.

Zah Khan

Meet our son Husnain Khan; a future football star. He deserves the chance to play big. His dream is to become a football star. He is young; he is energetic and has the technical skills. He has passion for the game and eager to learn every day new skills. He targets small goals and achieve them on regular basis to make his dream come true. If given an opportunity to learn with the professionals he can become a football star and make us a proud parent. He is doing great on his personal level but definitely need a professional coaching with experienced team to bring star out of him. In sha Allah he will be the next Football Star. Emirates NBD will be proud to sponsor him.


Sami he is really talented boy, he loves the football more then anythings, he really very good football player smart and fast learner

Jens Mueller

His passion is to kick with his brother, wanna beat him eventually. Every day after school we are hitting the pitch and practicing skills, weekend matches to display the passion. there is no single minute at home to sit quiet, every time when ask, "what to do", football is first answer. 2 years ago his brother been at Old Trafford, watching U18, and he was sooooo disappointed not being part of that trip. therefore he is dreaming to be able to be there either watching but definitely more keen to play on the ground.

Raba'a Abu-oshaibah

Yahia is great boy , I hope yahia to win

Chirag P Doshi

I wish my son gets this opportunity. Veer happens to be the first child to love soccer in the entire cricket loving family. Soccer is his life, his passion and his only priority. He represents under 12 school soccer team. To play with soccer legends is his dream. He has developed this you tube video to express his passion.

Rabia Omer Farooq

Hi Meet my son Omer Farooq he is 11 years old and loves to play football and hopes to make it as a professional player in the future.He has amazing skills .

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